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Soul Activation Sessions

Tap into messages from the angels, guides, and your cosmic team as you navigate current situations in your life

Activation Card Readings

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Soul Activation Sessions

You're feeling defeated, hopeless, desperate to turn your life around
You have visions of what is possible for your life but you doubt that you can make them happen
You've strayed away from your truth for so long that sometimes you don't even feel like you know who you are anymore
You feel misunderstood, like an outsider, like there are not many people in your life who truly understand you
You want to show up in all of your greatness, all of your glory, but forgot what that even is
You struggle with speaking what's on your heart 
You have massive goals and dreams, but also have no idea where to start to make them a reality

for you if:

one session


You want to step more into consciousness
You're ready for massive change, but also terrified at the same time
You're ready to reconnect with your magic

3 session bundle

one session

Activation Card Readings

You’re seeking some intuitive, profound, cosmic guidance
You want to foster a deeper connection with your spirit team
You want to feel seen and recognized through divine truths
You're looking for something to be unlocked that you haven't quite been able to find
You're looking to feel empowered to take action in areas you've been neglecting
You're looking for confirmation on what you may already be feeling/thinking about current life situations
You're seeking clarity and peace for where you're currently at and where you're headed

for you if:

3 card reading

7 card reading


I had been watching Ashley steadily grow her business  AND she was doing it in alignment. She wasn't hustling from sunup to sundown...she was reflecting...she was healing...she was BEING.
And most importantly, she knew how to trust her instincts and not question her own authority, which was something I desperately needed to learn how to do. And boy did I learn! Because of Ashley's guidance I was able to truly determine what goals I wanted my business to accomplish and she continues inspiring me everyday to move with aligned action. If you're looking for someone to give you the hard lessons (always with kindness) and lead you on a path that serves both your business and yourself, she is definitely for you.

"I have truly watched this woman move mountains in my own life..."


I am leaping over mountains now. My growth is massive and I have this deep seating knowing about myself that is sooo solid!! Thank you!!

"My growth is truly exponential with you..."


I was definitely feeling in a bit of  a rut before. It's weird because while I was happy to invest in myself and I knew it would help internally, I don't think  I really expected all that much to change in just a few weeks. But literally from the moment I sent over the moneys, it's like things have fallen into place so much more seamlessly. Closed doors have reopened, new ones have emerged and I feel like there's SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY. The past few weeks have been hectic with new enquiries and clients, yet I've felt more peace and calm going into them. I'm so grateful for Ashley! 

"I'm just so excited about my lifestyle again and sharing it..."


My chest has been opened, my heart has been seen. My spirit is resonating with everything Ashley said to me. Her oracle reading was an absolute fit, so much truth, so much recognition. And there were times I felt I wanted to be curled up in her lap. Listening to her deliver this message of love. I feel connected, safe and welcomed in her energy. I am so grateful she has been a messenger for me. I can feel her light. She has a true gift and it shines so bright.

"The light has shined from Ashley directly onto me..."


" I am forever grateful for Ashley."

When I first started working with Ashley, I was broken. The night I reached out to her for help, I felt so defeated. I was crying and so desperate to turn my business and life around. Ashley has this light that is instantly uplifting. She gave me hope and reassurance that what I had envisioned was possible — and together we were going to make it come to life. In a few short weeks, I tripled my income in my business. But the numbers don’t truly paint the picture of the value she brings. She gave me confidence to speak my truth, the tools to create and deliver content and how to authentically market myself to my audience. And for me that is priceless because I know my business can only expand from here.


Before I began working with Ashley, I was lost. Everything felt super confusing and I could barely accept the fact that I was a business owner. Together, we not only worked on mapping out launches and gaining ideal clients, but we tackled the mindset holding me back. Ashley pays attention to every detail and gives you her full attention and energy, you never feel like a last priority. I grew so much during our eight weeks together. Now, I feel like a new woman. I’ve pushed myself far out of my comfort zone and can finally own the title of “business owner”. I’m much more confident going forward and know so much more about that “scary” business world!

"Ashley pays attention to every detail and gives you her full attention..."


Ashley and I connected on Instagram back in January and quickly became "Insta friends." We started building a relationship, and I could tell she genuinely cared about me and wasn't trying to build a relationship with the only purpose of selling me ANYTHING. When I took a break from social media, she reached out to me to ask if I was OK because she hadn't seen me around. When I knew I needed and was ready to invest in a Life Coach, I was the one who came to her almost begging her to help me. I don't want our coaching to end. Can I hire you for life? 

"Ashley, I admire you because you are doing it right on Instagram!"


Going into my human design reading with Ashley, I knew a little, like that I am a manifestor and that my strategy is to inform. But I learned SO much more during my reading! We went through all 9 centers and what exactly each one means. Ashley is so thorough and explains everything so clearly! Not only does she discuss strengths and challenges, but she also includes reflective journal prompts and affirmations to help guide you. I really learned what I need to work on, so that I can be living in total alignment. So much of what she said made sense and it gave me some confirmation as to why I do some of the things I do. I can’t wait to start working more on getting into more alignment. I highly recommend booking a reading!! Thank you so much, Ashley!

Ashley is so thorough and explains everything so clearly!


When the stars finally align!!! My Human Design Reading with Ashley has finally given me permission to live in a way that works best for me. There is no wrong way or no right way, but rather... just my way. We weren't all meant to do the same things in the same way & yet, I have struggled with understanding this for a long time. What should I do based on what I've been taught, versus what my gut is telling me to do? The answer? It was in my Human Design. Having a better understanding of how I am meant to interact with myself & the world around me has now given me so much more faith in my decision-making abilities. Knowing what I know now, through Ashley's help, I can better block out all of the noise that was clouding my clarity. I can now live in a way that is not only better for myself, but also for those around me. So grateful for Ashley, her knowledge & guidance & I am looking forward to living in my truth, now that I know it!

"Permission to live in a way that works best for me."


My human design reading with Ashley was nothing short of pure magic. She gave me incredible insights into understanding who I am and how I operate most effectively in the world. She really listens and asks the perfect questions to encourage you to go deeper within based on the information she is sharing. I left our session with a sense of awe and excitement and now feel I have the knowledge to find true balance to be my most authentic and successful self. I can’t recommend this enough and wouldn’t hesitate for a second, to book a reading with her. She is truly an angel on earth.

"Wouldn’t hesitate for a second, to book a reading with her"


Before I got my human design reading from Ashley I had a very limited knowledge about it, but I was very intrigued.  Ashley provided me with so much valuable information and explained it all thoroughly and in a way that made sense. Throughout our call and afterwards I felt so reassured that this new path in life that I am on is the right fit. Ashley and I only knew each other over Instagram prior to this call and she had limited knowledge of who I was but the reading she gave me was spot on in so many ways. I highly recommended anyone who has any interest in learning more about human design to reach out to Ashley to get a clear understanding. 

"The reading she gave me was spot on in so many ways"

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